Do you love classic beveled glass, but find your home needs a more contemporary look? Believe it or not, you can have both! One customer found themselves in this position, and we created a custom solution that is both classic and contemporary. They chose a geometric design for their glass door. Then, we customized the

Sometimes, the front entrance to a home is just that, an entrance. The design of the home is such that you  notice the entire home design and the door fits in perfectly. Other times, the design of the home draws your eye towards the front door. When the front door is the focal point of

Beveled glass doors add that little bit of pizazz to the front of your home that makes it stand out from the rest.  They are beautiful,  unique, and a wonderful element to warm up your entryway.  They are also energy-efficient. One thing they aren’t is cheap. The reason is that they do require a bit

You may have noticed this distinctive door in New Orleans. Found on the facades of beautiful homes, each door is like a warm invitation into a wonderful home. Stately, ornate and welcoming, the “New Orleans” style door is no stranger to admiration and praise. But what exactly defines it and what are some of the

Are you looking for a quick and relatively easy way to liven up your home’s curb appeal?  A beautiful beveled glass mahogany door could be just what you are looking for!  They are energy-efficient and will excite and delight guests as they walk through your entryway.  You’ll never tire of hearing, “Oh my!  I love

If your door needs some serious TLC and you’re not sure where to start, Doors of Elegance offers refinishing services. We offer varnishing, painting and staining that will give new life to your door without all the hard work on your end. We offer this service on both sides of the lake from metro New

Every house has a front entry door of some sort, and most of them look similar to many of the houses in the neighborhood. Talented artists who work with glass can create a unique beveled leaded glass design for your door that can make all the difference in the world. How Are Glass Doors Unique?

From Victorian times, glass doors, particularly beveled glass doors have adorned homes around the world. A door to your home can be used to make a style statement. It can be much more than just a means of entry into your home. With a complementing carved wood door or a wrought iron door or a

Beveled glass is produced by cutting off the edges of glass lamina in order to trim them to specific angles and sizes and produce the desired look. The process of beveling glass leaves it thinner around its edges and thicker at the center. Beveling is ideal for use in glass when it is meant to

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