A Closer Look at Beveled Glass

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Beveled glass is produced by cutting off the edges of glass lamina in order to trim them to specific angles and sizes and produce the desired look. The process of beveling glass leaves it thinner around its edges and thicker at the center. Beveling is ideal for use in glass when it is meant to be the focal point in the room. The bevel around the edges usually ranges in size from ¼ inch to 1 ¾ inches. There is typically a small increase in cost associated with the process of beveling, but this is usually miniscule compared to the cost of the glass itself.

Beveled glass has unique optical properties. The glass captures and refracts light in a unique way that creates a kaleidoscope of colors thus enhancing the glass’ visual impact. Door and window manufacturers use beveled glass to create highly striking designs. By skillfully arranging the glass, these manufacturers are able to come up with a wide array of decorative design elements.

Beveled glass is widely used in transom windows, large ornate front doors, door side lights, and the such. Multiple pieces of the beveled glass can be arranged at a home’s entrance to create a series of sophisticated images. This type of design has been highly popular in the architecture of North American countries since the late 1950s.
Beveled glass has traditionally been plain cut glass. The modern trend, however, is to use colored, textured glass to enhance various designs. Textured glass is typically 1/8 of an inch (about 0.32cm) thick. This type of glass has highly unique optical properties that impart high levels of visual impact on the glass. Beveled glass that is textured provides designers with a wide variety of options to create striking glass pieces.

Whenever you are purchasing beveled glass, you should understand that the frame that will hold the glass is just as important as the glass itself. The glass bevels on all four sides should have identical depth. Careful measurements should be done before the glass is secured in its frame. If you are considering installing beveled glass at home or in the office, first compile a list of all the features that you want as well as the design and size of the glass. Check in the home design or architecture magazines for inspiration and creative ideas. Once you are done doing this, arrange to meet with a glass company of choice to review all your requirements and ideas. Discuss with the company about your budget and the final product that you would like to have. You can request the company give you a written proposal that carries the illustrations of 3 or more different designs that have incorporated the features you desire.

Mahogany Beveled Glass Doors

Mahogany beveled glass doors are some of the classiest, most elegant, and sophisticated of all modern door designs. Mahogany is a special type of quality hardwood that is perfect for high-end furniture. Its wood is deep reddish brown in color and this feature alone makes it very popular for use in trims, furniture, and doors. Mahogany grain is fine and straight with minimal voids and pockets or other common wood imperfections. The combination of beveled glass and mahogany wood for your door is the ultimate status symbol.

You can get a wide variety of mahogany beveled glass doors. It is advisable to go with a company that has at least 30 different designs. Here you can choose your ideal mahogany glass door and even get fresh ideas for other sophisticated and elegant designs. Mahogany glass doors are insulated to minimize heat transfer and cut down on your heating and cooling bills. You can get designs such as rectangular glass panes, arcs on top of a rectangular base, rounded panes, oval panes, and many more.

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