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Unfortunately, not all of your doorways are going to be properly sized for a standard door, nor are all of the designs and styles available going to perfectly match your preference. That’s why at Doors of Elegance, we offer custom design for your door and any set pieces around it, including glass.

This means that if you can picture it and relate the information to us, there’s a good chance we can recreate the door of your dreams for you in all of its beautiful, elegant style.

To find out, stop by our Southshore location in New Orleans. It is our goal to make it convenient for you to stop in and look around in person while asking any necessary questions and getting face-to-face assistance.

Things You Should Know

If you decide to go ahead and start the process of creating a custom door, the first piece of information you will need is the measurements of the space where your door will go. This means that your craftsmen will know exactly what size door to create, and our experts can walk you through some ideas and options available to you in your custom design.

You should also have an idea of what materials you might want to use, although our professionals are well equipped to offer ideas and suggestions. Some of the primary options include glass, wrought iron, wood and specialty wood like mahogany.

Many doors utilize varying combinations of some or all of those substances.

Next, you want to have an idea of the design you have in mind. Are you eyeing a simple look or an extravagant, ornate design? This information is necessary in order to help our experts give you some ideas and suggestions as you work through the custom process.

If you are unable to come up with any ideas ahead of time, you may wish to walk around our store on the Southshore of Lake Pontchartrain in order to take a look at some of our readily available doors so that you can point out which designs tickle your fancy. Our experts can then attempt to incorporate elements of that design into your custom door.

Think About Your Priorities

In addition to the measurable and rock solid elements of the custom door that you will need to decide on, it may be helpful if you have a general idea of your goals with the door. Perhaps you are looking for an economical solution to fit a custom space and do not want an elaborate design or materials. If this is the case, that information can help our experts guide you through some of the options even if you are not as familiar with them ahead of time.

On the other hand, you may be going with a custom door because you have a specific design and materials in mind. In this case, it may be a more elaborate process but our experts are ready to work with you closely in order to deliver the custom door that you need and want.

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