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French Doors

Are French doors right for your home? If you want to let light in and create an open spacious feeling, these dramatic double doors might be the perfect solution.

If you’re in the market for a set of beautiful new French Doors anywhere in metro New Orleans, stop by our showroom in Metairie to see what we have in stock or talk about your options for custom doors.

French Door Design – True New Orleans Elegance

If you’re from New Orleans or live here now, you probably know what French Doors look like.

However, if you are not familiar with French doors, they are two side-by-side doors that are typically made primarily or entirely from glass in order to give a picturesque view from both inside and outside. They will have some sort of a frame to seal at the joints and they have a strip along the floor to seal out weather when they are closed.

French doors can provide a number of benefits including, but not limited to changing the look and feel of your front door. French doors are also great for patios, decks, and rear entrances. You can even line up several sets of French doors, giving you the option of opening up your home entirely and creating a breezy, indoor-outdoor feel.

Create a Bright, Welcoming Entryway

Since French doors are made primarily of glass, they let people look into your home as well as allowing you to see outside. If you want the light that a French door provides with a little more privacy than clear glass allows, you could choose a decorative glass option to add some opacity as well as style to your door.

Since French doors are all double doors, they are larger than some traditional front doors. This larger scale can be used to create a dramatic front entrance on a larger scale than a single door.


Bring the Outdoors In

If you have a beautiful outdoor space where you enjoy relaxing or entertaining, French doors are a great option to create continuity between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. This is one of the more traditional uses of French doors, bringing in light and letting you enjoy the beauty of your yard.

A wall of several French doors in a row can be opened to allow the free flow of guests and family, welcome cool breezes, and enlarge your living space.

Another great place to install French doors is in your master suite. If you have a private patio or balcony, beautiful French doors allow you to expand your space and enjoy your private retreat from both inside and outside.

Divided Light vs. True Divided Light Doors

Divided Light Doors

When shopping for French doors, you may see the terms “divided light” or “true divided light.” Deciding which one is right for you means understanding the features and benefits of each type of French door.

Divided light refers to the way the large expanses of glass are manufactured and installed. The dividers that form the framing around the glass “divide” it, thus the term divided light.

Traditional French doors have many panes set together within the outer frame and divided by strips called muntins or grilles. This is referred to as “True Divided Light” since the glass is divided into many pieces.

Many newer types of French doors create the effect of divided light but only use one large piece of glass which is decorated with muntins to create the same effect with fewer parts. With simulated divided light doors, the muntins can sometimes be removed for easy cleaning.

Both types of doors meet modern energy efficiency standards, whether they’re created with many pieces of glass or just one.

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