Does Your Door Need Some TLC? Door Refinishing Services by Doors Of Elegance

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If your door needs some serious TLC and you’re not sure where to start, Doors of Elegance offers refinishing services. We offer varnishing, painting and staining that will give new life to your door without all the hard work on your end. We offer this service on both sides of the lake from metro New Orleans to Mandeville and the entire Northshore.

Doors are one of the most used fixtures of a house. They can easily take a beating from inhabitants and the weather. Over time, even the sturdiest doors need a little fixing up. In this article we will talk about ways you can show your door some love. After all, maintaining your doors is one of the most important things you can do for a house.

Refinishing service - Does Your Door Need Some TLC? Door Refinishing Services by Doors Of Elegance

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Repair Common Problems

Check this list of simple problems and fixes to get your door in great shape in very little time.

  • Sticky Door – If your door is sticking to the frame, it may be that you need to adjust the door to sit correctly in the entryway. First, try cleaning the hinges and removing any dirt along the edges of the door. If that doesn’t work, try adjusting the hinges. If that doesn’t work, try sanding the edges of the door.
  • Squeaky Hinges – Squeaky doors are a common problem. To fix it, you probably need to lubricate the hinges with silicone. Start by removing and lightly scrubbing the pin with steel wool. Lightly scrub the hinge leaves and barrel with steel wool, too. Then coat with a thin layer of penetrating oil or silicone spray.
  • Air Leaks – Feel a draft coming from around the door? Inspect the caulk around the door and replace if it is showing any gaps or damage. Weather-stripping or a weatherboard can close off any gaps on the bottom of the door that are letting pesky cold air into the house.

Refinish Your Door

Does your door look worn and in need of a new coat but you aren’t sure if you should paint or stain? Let’s cover the basics of these refinishing processes so you can decide what is best for your door.

  • Paint – Sometimes your door just needs a fresh coat of paint. Paint can change the color of your door and give it an immediate facelift. Many people choose paint to match the color of their business or home to keep a consistent look. However, keep in mind that if you have a beautiful wood door, it will take away from the beauty of the natural wood.
  • Stain – Staining is a popular option because it doesn’t seep into the pores of the wood and can be removed easier than paint. But keep in mind that stain doesn’t last as long as paint and can deteriorate quickly. Stain also comes with different options, including some that can even highlight the grain of the wood. Some stains do cover up wood grain, so make sure you check the varieties of stain before you buy. Stains often require a finish or a varnish on top to provide a glossier look and finish.
  • Varnish – A varnish provides a glossy finish to protect the stain or wood underneath. Typically, varnish is offered in a glossy finish but there are some alternatives that provide a semi-glossy finish. It does not change the color of the wood because it has very little coloring added. Consider varnish as a top coat to the layer underneath.

Refinishing Service Provided by DOE

Feeling overwhelmed with caring for your door, or not sure which approach to take? Contact our team of experts at Doors of Elegance today and we will be happy to assess which of our services will be the right fit for your door. We provide painting, staining and varnishing.

Whether it’s a simple five-minute fix or calling a professional, these fixes are all easy to tackle and will leave your door looking fabulous. It’s easy to underestimate taking care of our doors, but giving them a little love will leave them looking like new and your house will look better because of it!