Glass Options for An Entry Door

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From Victorian times, glass doors, particularly beveled glass doors have adorned homes around the world. A door to your home can be used to make a style statement. It can be much more than just a means of entry into your home. With a complementing carved wood door or a wrought iron door or a leaded, reeded, waterlake, rain glass or beveled glass door, you can step up the elegant façade of your home several notches. A glass door can add a lot of aesthetic beauty to any door. It brings in much needed light. A leaded, reeded or rain glass door, while enhancing the looks of the door, also provide privacy as they are much harder to see through than plain glass doors. There is nothing else that can dress up your entryway like a beveled glass door, adding richness and a distinctive look to your home.

In recent decades with the advance in technology, glass doors have become one of the most favorite ways for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any doorway or sidelight. Traditionally these windows and doors used glass pieces cut into different shapes and sizes and then fixed into a larger sheet. This improved not only the aesthetic appeal and looks but also gave the glass a different nuanced texture. This is the reason behind the popularity of the beveled glass doors in New Orleans. Due to the vast differences in the size, cut and shape, the glass door throws beautiful prisms of light when it is hit by sunlight, adding glimmer and glamour. It also has a classic timeless quality to it that adds charm and elegance to the façade of your home.

You might be looking for something simple and elegant. Or you might be looking for something elaborate and flamboyant. Whatever your taste when it comes to glass doors, you can find them with us. Your glass door can be a simple colored and laminated one, or it can be treated with heat resistant and sound proof material to give you integrated photovoltaic solar modules. Your beveled glass door will be made of patterns in the shapes of rectangles, triangles, squares, tear drops and diamonds, all designed and cut to reflect light better. This reflection and refraction of light is what gives the beveled glass door its appeal. You can even opt for unique patterns and designs with curls and curves, that will add floral appeal. The translucency can be varied to add some privacy features to your glass doors, if desired. Click here to view our collection.

In recent years, technological advances in the art of glass-making have lead to the designs and patterns of your glass door to be incorporated into a single sheet of glass. This increases the strength of the door, and also eliminates any chance of your heat insulation being compromised because there is no chance of any heat escaping through the joints in the beveled glass doors. For more privacy, you can opt for one of these leaded beveled glass doors, which prevent someone from being able to see into your home as the door is made from composite sheets cut in different angles.

At Doors of Elegance, we love to provide you the classic, the contemporary or the artsy look. If you’re not able to find what you’re looking for, we will custom-design it for you. Whether you’re looking for solid wood doors, or for elegant French doors, our custom designed doors are the ideal choice. We began in Louisiana in 1987 as a family owned and operated business by the mother and daughter team Kay and Laurie Frey; the instant success of their venture soon needed more hands to handle and so the father and son team of Larry and Perry joined us. Our single objective was to provide the well-designed and well-crafted doors to add to the entryway of our customers’ homes in Mandeville and Metairie. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality hasn’t changed an iota in the last 26 years! We’re still a family business geared to give our customers what they want, with elegance and style! Call us for a free estimate!