“Just shave a bit from the top…” Those are famous last words often spoken to those struggling to install a high quality wooden door. While it might be the necessary solution, it is not a DIY project or something for the inexperienced. You need the right tools, know how, and physical strength it takes to

Let’s face it; there are doors, and then there are front doors. We may not pay a lot of attention to the doors of the homes and businesses we enter, but sometimes those doors are of such a high quality and so downright beautiful that we cannot help admiring and noticing them as we approach.

You may not even realize it yet, but that old, worn out front door could be costing you a lot of money in wasted energy charges. Improperly insulated or uninsulated entrances can allow precious heat to escape during the winter and may allow cool air to seep out during the summertime. However, while weather stripping

Are you trying to decide between painting and varnishing to finish your home doors? Read this guide to picking one or the other. When installing a door in your home, you have to make the decision of whether or not you will coat this door in paint or by using varnish. There are advantages and

Badly worn doors are more than just an eyesore, they could be costing you major dollars in lost energy savings. Find out how. As long as your door still opens and closes, there is not a problem – right? Unfortunately, this is a major misconception among homeowners. Doors have many additional responsibilities that go beyond

Want to refinish your wood doors but aren’t sure how? Read these 10 tips for refinishing your doors like a pro! Wooden entry doors to your home can do one of two things… They can either (a) provide a very elegant and classic look to your home, or (b) they can embarrass you when friends

Those little pieces of weather stripping in between your doors and frames play a critical role in keeping your home energy efficient. Your doors are part of a larger system of materials that work together to protect and seal the entrances of your home. In southern Louisiana this usually means keeping the cool air in

Doors of Elegance

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