Professional Door Installation – The Whole Package

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“Just shave a bit from the top…”

Those are famous last words often spoken to those struggling to install a high quality wooden door. While it might be the necessary solution, it is not a DIY project or something for the inexperienced. You need the right tools, know how, and physical strength it takes to do the job properly. And there is also the simple fact that few of us want to take out tools and start hacking away at a beautiful door we custom ordered for our home.

Of course, shaving the door may not be the answer at all. Many experts agree that there are a whole bunch of, “Unforeseen problems [that] can occur when installing doors…misaligned plates, unlevel floors…” and so many other issues can all lead to headaches, physical strain and injury, and an empty door frame.

Remember that not all doors are made of wood, and you may have decided that a wrought iron, steel, or fiberglass door is what your home or property needs. And these too can come with a host of installation glitches and problems that can leave you with an immense feeling of frustration and aggravation.

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Too Many Possible Problems

Obviously, you never want to invest in a good door only to find yourself damaging it and/or the property by attempting to install it on your own. Remember, there are many reasons that a door will not install or hang properly – even when you have measured it precisely and taken every possible effort to get the job done correctly. For instance, few construction professionals would say that a door hanging project is a simple “DIY” task. This is because there are too many common problems that an amateur may not even know about or be able to address. Consider:

  • The flooring may be uneven and out of level.
  • A wall may be out of “plumb” (at an angle).
  • The wall plates at the bottom can be out of alignment.
  • The trim and/or the wall jamb may cause problems.
  • Contacts may meet unevenly.
  • The rough opening may have a host of problems.

All of these issues must be dealt with properly long before you install hinges and attempt to hang a door. Obviously, unless you understand every facet of the typical doorframe and construction, you can’t tackle a door hanging project.

So, what’s the solution?

Finding the Ideal Solution

For many, the ideal solution is finding someone to install the door. A professional carpenter is an ideal example of this, but they don’t often work at a cheap rate and can make it cost prohibitive to consider something as useful and essential as a sturdy door. In many instances you might end up paying more for installation than the door itself.

This is why Doors of Elegance offers professional installation and is something to consider as a simple, non-frustrating purchasing experience from start to finish.

Not only should you find doors that are of the utmost quality and beauty, but you should also consider having new doors installed by a professional. This will guarantee that the door is installed properly, securely, and without any harm or damage to the door, the building, or you! After all, wrestling with a heavy door for hours, and still failing to get it to hang properly is both physically and emotionally exhausting.

The doors available from Doors of Elegance provide you with the ideal, one-stop solution. You spend the time choosing just the right door for your needs; whether it is a solid door, one with decorative glass, or a sturdy fiberglass model, let professional installers take it from there to ensure the highest quality experience and outcome.


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