Isn’t it funny how things that used to be considered old or dingy are now #trending? Barn doors INSIDE the home are a perfect example! Home makeover shows that wouldn’t give a second thought to these rustic revelations 10 years ago, are now reclaiming and pairing them with modern “slider” technology. It seems like designers

Having a door refinished can make any door, even one that is in far less than ideal condition, look much better. Doors that have been maintained can be restored to like new condition by being refinished, in many cases. Door refinishing is sometimes taken up as a DIY task, but it’s actually rather complex. Professionals

Are you trying to decide between painting and varnishing to finish your home doors? Read this guide to picking one or the other. When installing a door in your home, you have to make the decision of whether or not you will coat this door in paint or by using varnish. There are advantages and