5 Perfect Places to Install a Barn Door in Your New Orleans Home

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barn door - 5 Perfect Places to Install a Barn Door in Your New Orleans Home

Isn’t it funny how things that used to be considered old or dingy are now #trending? Barn doors INSIDE the home are a perfect example!

Home makeover shows that wouldn’t give a second thought to these rustic revelations 10 years ago, are now reclaiming and pairing them with modern “slider” technology. It seems like designers (professional & amateur alike) are finding any excuse to use them EVERYWHERE.

So, what’s the big deal? Why is this door shooting off the trendy Richter scale? And furthermore, where is the best place to incorporate Barn Doors in your New Orleans or Northshore home?

Benefits of Barn Doors

Create Privacy or Space: One of the major benefits of Barn Doors is also a little ironic. You know that old “were you raised in a barn” question Dads love to ask? Well that joke gets retired when you install Barn Doors. They allow you to create privacy by closing them or easily create more room in your space by leaving them open.

Show off Your Unique Style: Not only can Barn Doors create a unique, custom look but they can also provide a dramatic accent for your personal décor. From rustic to industrial, sliding barn doors can fit into all styles of home. Choices of finish and hardware mean you can choose a customized look by mixing and matching with different woods, finishes, and shapes.

Maximize Small Spaces: In small spaces, a Barn Door can be a great way to maximize the space you do have. Since barn doors slide against the wall instead of swinging outwards, they can be an excellent alternative to pocket doors, especially in crowded areas like hallways.

barn door gallery - 5 Perfect Places to Install a Barn Door in Your New Orleans Home

5 Perfect Places to Install a Barn Door in Your New Orleans Home

1. Closets & Pantries: Even if you have closets and a kitchen mere mortals can only dream of, maximizing room is of the utmost importance in these spaces. However, we all love when fashion meets function and a Barn Door can serve as a space saver and still provide a unique accent to areas of your home that don’t usually receive a second look.

2. Hallways: Especially in more classic homes, hallways can sometimes have tight or awkward layouts that lead to design headaches. When you choose a Barn Door you eliminate the space required to open a traditional door which in turn, opens up your design and decor options!

3. Utility or Laundry Rooms: Again, Barn Doors are space savers! They’re the perfect addition to an aesthetically “boring” area of the house and you’ll retire the annoying act of banging your elbows on traditional swinging doors, all in one fell swoop.

4. Home Offices: In the past, designers have incorporated french or glass doors into home office design as a way to open up the feel of a space and create privacy. However, Barn Doors are quickly surpassing these choices due to the ease of installation and the privacy and openness options they offer when either shut or open.

5. Dining & Living Rooms: While traditional “sitting areas” and dining rooms used either swinging or traditional doors to achieve the level of privacy social norms required, these days most people prefer a more open floor plan. Barn Doors are able to do both! Whether you’re looking to create a formal ambiance or a more casual scene, Barn Doors are the perfect choice.

6. Lagniappe* Kids Rooms: Barn Doors don’t usually come with locking mechanisms (but you may add this accessory) so they make the perfect door for a child’s room! Not only are they fun and unique, they provide a safe, semi- private environment for your little one!

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