Choosing the Knob for a Great Door

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After you have a beautiful new door picked out, there’s a big decision to be made in terms of how you finish it. Where a door is concerned, finishing involves choosing a doorknob that really brings out the beauty of the door itself.

The doorknob on your house is usually the first thing that people touch. They might not see it when they walk up to the door – unless it’s really something spectacular – but they’re going to look down at it when they open up the door or knock, and you want to make certain that it makes the right impression. Here are some things to consider.

door knobs - Choosing the Knob for a Great Door

door knobs


The metal you choose should flatter the rest of the door. For the most part, your choices for door opening hardware are bronze, silver and black. You can get a bit more creative here with some designs, but most of the creativity is best used in determining the type of doorknob you select.


A lever doorknob is more commonly seen on interior doors. It consists of a paddle-like lever that is depressed to open the door. Aside from looking good, these are actually great for people who have a hard time with arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult for them to use their hands.

Thumb Latch

These are classics and they can be quite beautiful on a home. On heavy doors, they can give the door a real old-fashioned sort of appeal that can suit an elegant space very well. You may want to consider these for how easy they make it to pull the door open with the handle, as well.

Classic Knob

A good quality doorknob will last for many years, possibly decades. The thing to remember is that, on an exterior door, this can never be your sole source of security. You need a deadbolt in addition to a good door lock, and you should consider a key-in-knob lock to be basically a privacy device.

Don’t skimp on the door hardware. It’s best to let professionals install it. As they hang the door, they can make sure that everything swings properly and make certain that the latching mechanism works smoothly. Doors of Elegance offers professional door & hardware installation, which is a service that can save you a lot of time and hassle. Interested in learning more? Call Doors of Elegance today, (504) 887-5440.