Wrought Iron Doors: The Last Front Doors You’ll Ever Own!

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Custom Iron Doors

Are you ready to make a big change to your front doors?

Wouldn’t it be nice to never worry about your doors again?

Here’s how one customer made a heavy-duty change to their entryway with custom solid iron doors built to last a lifetime.




Old Glass Doors Can be Inefficient

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The old doors on this home were full light leaded glass double doors. They were traditional and attractive, but the glass was uninsulated.  

Older glass doors don’t have insulation, so you can feel the temperature difference when you stand near them. Not only do they let in drafts, but they can really do a number on your energy bills.

These doors were also standard doors topped with a simple transom, which didn’t really coordinate with the grand windows and facade of the home.

Making a Major Statement

The new doors are custom wrought iron – not iron and wood. The whole unit is crafted from 14 gauge steel and it weighs a TON!

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Our team worked with the customer to come up with a new design that incorporated the transom, so the new doors are taller, grander, and more substantial looking.

They were hand made by artisans in Mexico, and the scrollwork echoes the arched shapes of the windows.

Built to Last

Did we mention these doors weigh a ton?

You won’t believe the weight of the doors when you open them, but they feel substantial, not heavy.

That’s because of how we install iron doors.

Installing doors like these isn’t just a door-swap. We replace the whole frame, and the door unit is screwed directly into the studs. Superior, heavy-duty hinges and a durable finish ensure these doors will last a lifetime.

These iron doors are truly a part of the house!

Air-tight or a Fresh Breeze?

Since everything in these doors is insulated, these are the most energy efficient doors we sell.

With wood, some air can always get in. But with iron doors, cold or warm air is staying OUTSIDE of your home just like you want it to.

Until you want some fresh air!

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The glass panels on these doors can open independently of the door itself letting in fresh air and even more light.

When closed, these glass inserts look just like a part of the door, but once you open them, you have wide open space perfect for welcoming in a cool breeze.

More Than Doors

One of the best things about custom iron doors is that you have endless possibilities for incorporating the look of your door into the other elements of your home.

Your door can be designed to match existing features of your home, like a fence, shutters, or windows.

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Or, once you have a gorgeous new iron door, you can have a gate designed to match!

With custom doors, the possibilities are endless.

And don’t worry, our door design experts are here to help you every step of the way, so you get EXACTLY what you want in your new custom iron door.

If you have any questions about our custom design process, we’d be pleased to answer all of your questions.

If you see a door you love, show us a picture on your phone! We can find one just like it or create the door of your dreams.

Give us a call at (504) 887-5440 or stop by our Metairie showroom to transform your home with a new front door.