Why Flemish Glass is so popular…

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Flemish Glass is one of our most popular options for doors. But what is Flemish glass and why do people love it so much?

102317 - Why Flemish Glass is so popular...

What is Flemish Glass?

Flemish glass has the look of hand blown glass without the seeds and bubbles – or the expense! It slightly distorts the view through it so it allows light to shine through and brighten up your rooms while also giving your privacy.

The old-world, slightly antique look of Flemish glass also gives your door a unique style. Whether paired with wrought iron, a rich wood, or both, Flemish glass has a dramatic, beautiful style that makes it one of our most popular choices.

In fact, we often replace our customers’ existing door glass with Flemish glass for a beautiful new look.

We offer in-stock and custom Flemish glass doors – browse doors here or give us a call at 504.887.5440 to find out more.