What is a Transom?

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A transom is a small detail window or a horizontal crosspiece that is placed above a door, and sometimes, a window. Transoms are mainly used to separate a door’s framing from the window frames, lights, hinged flaps, and other types of decorative accents that are normally used on top of doors. Many architectural styles use transoms. Transoms can appear in many guises, ranging from blocks of ornately carved wood on one hand to simple horizontal beams on the other. Transoms are typically used for functional purposes where they provide structural support, although they are also sometimes used for purely decorative purposes.

Transoms are commonly used to separate doors from windows that are hung above them. In these cases, they are referred to as transom windows and usually have a fan-like shape. Some transoms are designed to provide additional light to the room while others are made of patterned or stained glass to add ornamentation. The name of the building or house number is sometimes integrated into the transom window. Transoms allow light into the room even when the door is solid and closed and thus allows for more privacy.

Devices that are constructed above doors to provide additional ventilation are separated from the door using transoms. These devices are used where people desire fresh air to flow into the room without having to open the door. Ever heard the phrase ‘‘over the transom’’? It is used to mean something that comes to you in an unconventional way. I’m sure you can see the connection between the phrase and its meaning. A fan light or transom light on a door that is used to admit people into a building is also mounted using a transom. Lighting fixtures mounted atop doors are very common and are used for security purposes as well as for enhancing aesthetic appeal.

The door frame is completely independent of the transom and other decorative features surrounding the door. Although transoms provide support to the features built above the door, they also serve as a transitional point for architectural features. Since transoms are not necessarily used as support structures, they can be made from a variety of materials and incorporate decorative features that would not normally be used on support structures due to concerns about compromising the structural integrity.

Decorative transom windows are a modern representation of the age-old transom concept. Curving patterns soften the perspective by bringing in gently flowing shapes. Though more traditional transom designs can still be used to enhance warmth and coziness. Installation costs for transom windows vary depending on the type and design of window and whether this is a first-time installation or a replacement.

Making an Opener for Transom Windows

Most transom windows are stationary. However, some can be opened or closed. Many people use a hooked rod to open or close their transom windows. To access highly set transom windows, a step ladder is used. Instead of doing this, you can install a transom window opener. This opener is a rod made of brass or aluminum together with a compression latch that easily slides up or down the rod. The opener has arms with holders. These mount on either wood or steel casement windows with the rod holder located below the window. Ask your local technician to install these for you.

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