Weather-Proofing Your Front Door Post Hurricane Season

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Transform Your Home Just by Updating Your Old Worn Out Door - Weather-Proofing Your Front Door Post Hurricane Season


This hurricane season has been particularly rough on us here in Southern Louisiana so it’s no surprise that our property, homes, and front doors need some extra love.

While it’s easy to assume that weather-proofing your door will simply help keep that rain out, it’s not entirely correct. It’s true that your door acts as a shield between your sanctuary inside and the wind or rain outside. However, weather-proofing can do much more than that!

If you’ve let maintenance go by the wayside this year (who can blame you), noticed damage, drafts or even a higher than usual energy bill, it may be time to weather-proof your entryway!

Signs Your Door Needs Some Added Attention

It’s not always blatantly obvious that your front door needs some special attention. In fact, we work with doors in a variety of different conditions. To get to the bottom of whether or not your entryway deserves some love, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I see any obvious gaps and cracks that allow air and water to leak through?
  2. When I close my door, can I see signs of sunlight or air coming in around the entrance?
  3. When I hold a candle or lighter up to the area around my door does it flicker or sway?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions. It’s probably best to give us a call so that we can give you our professional opinion and a quote for service.

What You Get With Our Weatherization Service

Weatherizing a door involves more than simply adding new weather-stripping to the entrance. While that may be one component, the New Orleans door weatherization services provided by Doors of Elegance can entail:

  • Adjusting the strike plates
  • Tightening or replacing hinges
  • Replacing weather-stripping and door bottoms
  • Adjusting or replacing the threshold

In many cases, weatherization does entail replacing weather-stripping and door bottoms that have become worn or damaged over time. By enlisting the services of professionals, you can ensure that these implements are installed correctly, and that the highest quality materials are used for the job. If weatherization products are not installed correctly, this will often mean that either the products or the door will not function as desired.

In some cases, there are other elements within the entire threshold that need to be adjusted or repaired during the weatherization process.

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