Transform Your Home’s Entryway BEFORE the Holiday Craze!

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There’s no question as to why they call the holidays “the best time of the year”.

You can feel a difference in everything from the buzz in the air to the decorations on their homes. It doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by an abundance of friends, family, food and fun!

Especially if you’re a local Louisianian, your front porch and entryway are the ideal place to pose for family holiday photos. However, a worn-out door can take away from the beautiful smiling faces of your family members and could quite possibly even steal the spotlight in the photo!

A fresh new coat of varnish or paint can give your entryway that refreshing clean look before putting up holiday decorations, making it the perfect backdrop for those holiday photos you’ll cherish for years to come. Have you considered transforming your entryway BEFORE the holiday craze this year?


Refinishing Options to Take your Entryway from Dreary to Cheery


The difference between paint and the other options should be relatively obvious, as it will change the color of your door to whatever you select and it is longer lasting than stain. Paint is a popular option for those who wish to match the color of their home or business and would rather keep a consistent look. It cannot be easily removed.


It is important to stain wood doors before varnishing to create a more even look where the cross grains meet which makes for an appealing result. Staining also helps keep wood doors looking the best they can by making the wood darker and richer.


A varnish is a wood finish that is applied to protect the wood and perhaps stain underneath. It is made out of materials including drying oil, resin and solvent. Varnish provides a glossy finish. Marine Varnish provides a top layer finish to whatever color resides underneath. For a less glossy look, we recommend a Marine Satin Finish for best protection.

After applying a layer of varnish, it needs to be given time to dry and harden, after which point it will be fully protecting the wood and finish underneath and providing all of its benefits. 

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Our Refinishing Process 

  1. We assess your door to determine the condition of the door. If any putty or caulk is needed we apply to the needed areas.
  2. We remove the lockset from the door.
  3. We sand the entire exterior of the door.
  4. We then add concentrated stain to marine varnish. This will restore the original color to the door.
  5. Lastly, we apply one coat of marine varnish to the exterior part of your door.

***Someone needs to be home 3-4 hours after job is completed while door dries. 

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Not only do we sell new doors, but we also offer door refinishing services including painting, staining and varnishing that will help get those faded doors looking as good as new.

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