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Do you ever have that perfect picture in your head? You know EXACTLY what you want, but it’s nowhere to be found…

Or you found the perfect door on Pinterest, but it doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere.

One client had an old, tired front entry, and they knew they needed to make a change, and they knew  exactly what they wanted.

That’s when they came to us to solve their door problems and create a fresh look for their home with custom New Orleans style doors — just like they imagined!

Problem 1: Standing Up to the Sun

Do your doors get a lot of sun?

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These New Orleans doors do, and it was starting to show in both their finish and performance.

Not only have these once gorgeous doors faded unevenly in the sun (making them look old) but they weren’t lined up properly anymore, making them a pain to open and close.

To make matters worse, the old doors weren’t doing a great job keeping out the changeable local weather.

When doors are exposed to hot direct sun, then cooler temperatures, the wood expands and contracts slightly.

If you’ve ever had a door stick when it’s rainy or especially humid, you know first hand how weather conditions can affect wood doors.

After a while, all those small changes can cause the door to warp, which creates gaps around the doors. This means drafts and hot air start creeping into your home — and your energy bill!

The owners of these doors installed shades to help keep the heat and light from turning their foyer into a sauna – but they were still feeling the heat.

Problem 2: No Insulation

Full light beveled glass is beautiful and classic, but it wasn’t helping to beat the scorching heat of summer.

031519b 1024x682 - Transform Your Home With Custom Doors

Newer doors use insulated beveled glass which is much better at keeping the weather out of your home. Older beveled glass doors aren’t insulated, and the difference is noticeable!

A Custom Solution

When we consulted with the client to help them create their perfect door, they knew exactly what they wanted.

They were able to make their dream real by designing their own door.

The finished design is a half light beveled glass style, complete with a glass design they brought to us.

It all complements the existing transom, while the hardware coordinates with the porch lights.

The half light style adds privacy while showcasing the classic beveled glass that they had come to love.

This customer knew EXACTLY what they wanted, and we were delighted to bring their vision into reality!

Let Us Create Your Perfect Door

If you can’t find the door of your dreams, stop by our showroom!

You can show us a picture, and we can create a custom design to match.

Or browse our huge selection for inspiration.

No matter how you find your perfect door, our experienced designers and craftsmen will help you upgrade your entryway to picture perfect!