Transform Your Home Just by Updating Your Old, Worn Out Door!

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081320a - Transform Your Home Just by Updating Your Old, Worn Out Door!

New project alert!

This classic, 70+ year old shotgun house in New Orleans was recently completely transformed by simply updating to new modern doors in order to create an entirely fresh, new look.

How, you ask? You might be surprised what a brand new door design plus a little paint can do!

If you’ve been looking at the facade of your home thinking, “Oof, you need a face lift,” but a full remodel project just isn’t in the budget these days, consider a simple door update on for size!

In this month’s blog, we’ll discuss how this homeowner took the look of their New Orleans shotgun from traditional to modern marvel. Now, people can’t resist stopping to talk to them about it.

A Little Background on the Before Picture

081320b 1024x741 - Transform Your Home Just by Updating Your Old, Worn Out Door!

While it may be hard to tell from the “After” picture above, this classic Louisiana shotgun-style home existed for about 70-80 years as a duplex. Each side of the home featured a single, solid wood door sandwiched between two glass sidelights and one transom overhead.

The original style certainly screamed old New Orleans, but the homeowner wanted to take it a step further and create a modern interpretation of that evergreen Southern charm.

Budget is always a factor, more so now than ever, so they didn’t want to take the full, custom remodel approach to this property. Instead, they opted for a quick and painless upgrade that was well within their budget.

They are so happy with the look and functionality of their brand new Modern Door; the fact that they’re able to save for another 5 years before making any more upgrades to the outside of the home is just lagniappe.

A Little Style Goes A Long Way

When these hopeful homeowners came to our showroom for a private appointment, they didn’t necessarily know what they needed, but they knew what they wanted and that’s where we love to start!

They expressed to us that their current porch/entryway made them feel claustrophobic just looking at it from the street. The feeling was tenfold when spending quality time on the porch with friends or family.

We suggested, in order to give the front porch height and feel more open from the street, that they add not just one, but two 8-foot doors to both sides. Did you know the taller your door is, the more open your entryway will look from the street?

081320c 1024x771 - Transform Your Home Just by Updating Your Old, Worn Out Door!

Double the Doors, Double the Fun!

There are so many positives about choosing double doors for your home that we don’t even know where to start. Fun fact: The majority of people who choose a double door or set of double doors for their home say, “I didn’t realize what I was missing,” and, “I’ll never go back!”

Here’s another fun fact about double doors: They make moving and upgrades to the inside of your home a million times easier!*

With the double door option, you can choose to keep one door stationary and use the other for the primary day-to-day flow of traffic. Then, when you’re ready to kick it with your closest friends and family on the porch, you’ll be thrilled with the option of swinging that second door wide open!

*Not an actual statistic but it certainly feels that much easier! 

Professional Installation Makes For a Painless Process

Our professional door installation service can save you a lot of time and hassle and enable you to keep focusing on your normal life or the day-to-day functions of your business. This service includes private appointments when needed and free estimates, so you can get a good idea of when your door can be installed and how much the service will cost.

You can also request a personal consultation, so if you have questions about the installation process or how to make a certain door fit into your home or business, you can get them answered by one of our experts!

We’re happy to announce that this project in particular was one of the easiest installs for both our team and the homeowners.

Perry, part of our family team, went over to the house at the owner’s convenience to take specific measurements ahead of time. Preparation is key because once you make a cut on a door, there’s no going back. This is yet another reason why choosing a professional to perform your installation is highly recommended.

Due to the design of the original door, we simply removed the entire frame! That’s right, sidelights, transom, door, and all came right out. That’s when the fun part starts!

Next, we installed the double doors (including the frame) on both sides, ensuring an airtight seal so that all of their precious air conditioning couldn’t get out and no hurricane season weather could get in. And voila! The modern take on a classic New Orleans shotgun-style home was born using Modern Doors and a little bit of paint!

Updating Your Door is Social Distancing Approved

We at Doors of Elegance want you to know that we’re here for you when you need us most. We are following all recommendations & guidelines and we’re also taking every precaution in our showroom as well as on installations.

In fact, our installation services, which require only 1-2 professionals, were social distancing approved long before it was even required!

The entire process from consultation to installation can take place over the phone or via private appointment in our showroom for your health and safety.

Coronavirus has cancelled so much this year, we’re not going to let it stop you from having the beautiful entryway you’ve always wanted too.

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