Simulated Divided Light Doors Might be the Missing Piece Your Home Needs

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Even the most contemporary home designs are rooted in pre-existing, classic architectural expressions. Especially in areas like New Orleans and The Northshore where timeless design reigns supreme in the form of Louisiana Shotgun, Modern Farm, and Modern Antebellum, North Carolina Low Country, and Urban Loft style living spaces.

So how do you update your home for efficiency while maintaining loyalty to the authentic design?

True Divided Light (TDL), Simulated Divided Light (SDL) and Grilles Between Glass (GBG)!


To understand and appreciate divided light doors, simulated divided light doors and Grilles between the glass doors  it’s important to know the difference.

A True Divided Light Door (TDL) is made of wood and refers to the construction method used for a door that has the look of multiple panes of glass separated by bars, called muntins or grilles.

A Simulated Divided Light Door (SDL) is a fiberglass door and has just one piece of glass with removable muntins attached to both the interior and exterior of the glass, usually with a strong adhesive called VBH tape.

A Grilles Between the Glass Door (GBG) is made with the grilles sealed between two pieces of tempered glass.

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Why Choose a Mahogany Wood Door?

Mahogany is one of the most reliable materials for exterior doors. In addition to sturdiness, there are many more advantages to purchasing a mahogany entry door for your home. If properly stained and varnished using marine varnish and maintaining as needed, a mahogany door could last a lifetime. The maintenance will depend on how much exposure your door gets from the harsh elements like the sun and heat and how much protection your door has. Mahogany doors add sophistication to your home with its rich color and unique grain.

Why Choose A Fiberglass Entry Door?

Fiberglass entry doors do not shrink, warp, split or crack. They’re ideal for harsh or humid climates. Fiberglass entry door systems are engineered to be highly energy efficient.

How can TDL, SDL & and GBG Complement Different Architectural Styles?

The most common designs we see here in Southern Louisiana (especially in New Orleans and The Northshore), are the Louisiana Shotgun, Modern Farm, and Modern Antebellum, North Carolina Low Country, and Urban Loft style homes.

Here’s how each of these styles can be complemented withTDL, SDL and GBG doors.

    1. The Louisiana Shotgun Home: Because this style of home was originally designed to be only about 12 feet wide, leaving room for a tall door and maybe one or two tall windows, divided light was used to let in as much light as possible for the amount of space available. TDL and SDL doors like these help to preserve this classic style while giving you the biggest bang for your buck.
    2. The Modern Farmhouse: This tribute to traditional farmhouse architecture uses a plethora of windows and glass doors to provide natural light as well as a connection to the scenery outside. TDL and SDL doors like these help to maintain the traditional look without breaking the bank.
    3. Modern Antebellum: Columns, wide front porches, and divided light windows, doors, and transoms are almost synonymous with this classic style of home that can be seen all over the South. The divided light windows and doors are one of the few consistent design elements found throughout the space that communicate a sense of grandeur. With TDL and SDL doors like these you can achieve the very same luxurious look while staying well within budget.
    4. North Carolina Low Country Home: Although these homes are beautiful they were originally designed with practicality in mind. The tall ceilings and open floor plans serve as a guard against the hot, humid climate we’re all too familiar with here in Louisiana. The divided light windows were chosen to simulate a “colonial” design that can still be found today. TDL and SDL doors like these can help you uphold the integrity of this original design without costing you a fortune.

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