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When you decide to upgrade your doors and sidelights of your entryways, you have a very easy opportunity to also improve the energy efficiency of your house.  Doors of Elegance provides homeowners throughout Mandeville and New Orleans with insulated glass options for the windows in their doors and sidelights. Making this one small change in your entryway can have a significant impact on your entire home.

Reducing Your Energy Costs Using Insulated Glass

As energy costs continue to rise from year to year, it is completely understandable that home and business owners would be looking for new ways to conserve energy, especially when heating and cooling their properties. An excellent way to do this is to improve the insulation throughout the entire house. This includes reducing the amount of heat that is transferred through the glass on your doors.

Insulated glass is able to reduce your energy costs because it is able to reduce the amount of energy that is able to pass through the window. Insulated windows generally have an extra layer within the glass that is filled with an insulating gas, such as argon or krypton. This insulating layer makes it harder for energy to leave or enter the house, meaning that the cool or warm air within the house stays put for longer periods of time, and your heating and cooling equipment does not need to work as hard.

Soundproofing Your Door Thanks to Insulation

If you live in New Orleans, you are probably no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the city, and all of the noises that come with it. This does not mean that you want all of these sounds to travel into your home. By using insulated glass in your entryway, you not only reduce the amount of energy that is able to pass through the glass, but also the amount of sound. The insulation provides a barrier between you and outside noises, such as a busy street, and acts as a source of noise control.

Increasing Insulation Does Not Mean Sacrificing Style

Some people make the mistake of assuming insulated glass is only available in ultra thick sheets that leave little to no room for design flexibility. This is certainly not the case. Doors of Elegance offers a large selection of doors and matching sidelights that feature high levels of insulation.

The glass elements in our products, including insulated varieties, are available in a wide array of designs that include obscured glass, beveled, and leaded beveled glass. Without sacrificing any of the insulation, you can have glass elements installed to your entryway that include beautiful designs, interesting angles, and colors that compliment your décor. Many of our beveled glass pieces are among are most insulating glass products available.

Having Insulated Glass Professionally Installed in New Orleans  

In order to receive the greatest benefit from insulated doors and windows, it is essential to enlist the help of professional installers, especially if energy efficiency is a priority. Energy is not only lost as heat transfers through the glass; it is also lost when air escapes through cracks and crevices around the insulated materials. Our professional installers know the best practices required to make sure your glass is installed with a perfect seal.

To learn more about the insulated glass products in New Orleans and Mandeville, supplied, designed, and installed by our experienced team, please feel free to stop by any of our locations. We will gladly help you find the best possible products for your new elegant and insulated entryway.