Polyurethane vs. Marine Finish

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You care about your home, and you want it to look great inside and out, naturally. The areas many people forget about or neglect are the doors. They might have a nice coat of paint on them when you first buy the home, or you may have painted the door on your own. However, time and the weather can cause your door to become a disheveled and unsightly mess. What you need to do is consider adding some type of finish to the door so that it keeps its aesthetic appeal.

The two main choices when it comes to finishes for doors are polyurethane and marine finish. Polyurethane, available in both oil and water-based options, is similar to liquid plastic, and it does provide some protection for wood. However, when you look at what it really offers, it’s easy to see that this is not the ideal solution for your door. It doesn’t stand up well to chemicals or to heat, and this means that it won’t give your door the full and durable protection that it really needs. As long as you are using polyurethane for items inside of the home, such as bookcases and end tables, you should not have a problem. It’s simply not the ideal solution for doors.

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However, marine varnish is a very different story, and it truly is the better choice. One of the biggest benefits of using marine finish is the fact that it can last for a long time and continue to keep the doors looking fantastic. In some cases, people will apply it directly onto the wood. Other times, they will stain the door first, and then apply the varnish. A number of different types of varnishes are available, including those that are highly glossy, and those that are only semi-glossy. It’s important to remember that the varnish will not actually change the color of the wood at all. If you want your door a certain color, then it needs to have that paint or stain on it first. The varnish then goes on top of the color and keeps it and the door safe.

Refinish Your Home’s Doors for a Natural Look

When you want your doors to last, you need to have a high quality finish on them. Doors of Elegance can provide you with just what you need. The first step in the process is to determine the condition of the door. In some instances, they may need to have some refinishing work, such as the addition of putty or caulk. The team then removes the lockset from the door. They will then sand the exterior of the door to remove old paint and finish. At that point, they will add stain to the marine finish, which ensures beautiful restoration of your door’s color. Finally, they will add a coat of the marine varnish to the door.

After the application, it will take several hours for the varnish to harden and dry completely. It’s important that someone be at home and around the door at this time to ensure that nothing happens to it. Pets and kids, for example, could rub against the door and damage the varnish. In most cases, it will only take about three to four hours for the varnish to dry and harden completely. At that point, you will have a beautiful door that can stand up to the elements.

The varnish keeps your door in great shape for years. Of course, you will want to maintain the door. Simply inspect it and see if the varnish is holding up after a couple of years. Then, you can have the pros come in and refinish as needed.


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