New Orleans Fleur De Lis Doors Offer a Fresh Start

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Here in metro New Orleans, we’re always walking a fine line between preservation and change.

On one hand, we love being reminded of the past and our history. Plus, caring for things which are impossible to replace provides the warm, fuzzy feelings of pride associated with preservation.

But other times, we’re ready for something clean, new and modern. Especially when caring for things which are impossible to replace starts to feel like a full time job.

Such was the case with a recent client who was faced with the idea of replacing a set of wonderful old solid mahogany front doors.

Wonderful that is, until the wind blew. Or until it rained. Or until it got cold.

Then, the wonderful old doors didn’t seem so wonderful any more. Especially when they had to be taped up to keep out the wind and elements.

Know the feeling?

Making a Hard Decision Easy

Our client might have tried to maintain their old doors for years to come, but a fire forced their hand. It damaged the doors beyond repair, making replacement necessary.


As they began to look around at door options, the client was set on keeping a traditional feel to the doors. But they also wanted to update the look and feel of the home as well as put an end to the energy issues the old doors caused.

They settled on a new Fleur de Lis design leaded glass door.

The leaded glass replaced solid mahogany and their new door instantly brought in the light they had always wanted in the front room.

The new doors also included a set of sidelights to let in additional light.

It totally transformed the look of their home from the inside and out.

The leaded glass is also insulated and the doors were properly sealed, so no air gets in or out unless the door is open.

And the finish and hardware are all brand new.

Out with the old. In with the new.

But at least in this case, the “new” has a good old fashioned New Orleans feel to it with the Fleur de Lis!

Replace Your Old Doors with Something New

If you’re tired of taping old doors or not having enough light in your entryway, come see us. We’ve got a huge selection of doors with glass options and even some designed to look like classic doors. We’ve got something for everyone.