Local Women Owned Business Celebrates 30 Years In Business

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Doors of Elegance Celebrates 30 Years of Success in the Home Improvement Industry

Metairie, Louisiana – What’s better than celebrating a 30 year anniversary in business? Celebrating that anniversary with your family members who are also part of your business.

Doors of Elegance, located in Metairie, Louisiana, is proud to celebrate 30 years in business this December. The company sells premium wood doors, wrought iron doors and beveled glass doors for the home and was originally founded by current owner Laurie Martin and her mother, the late Kay Frey, in 1987.

Ms. Martin remembers that a lot of people warned her not to pursue her dream of opening the company. “It seemed like everybody thought it was a bad idea,” she recalls. “You’re crazy,” people told us”, she says, “there’s no way 2 women are going to make it in a wood door business.”

30 years later, it’s safe to say the naysayers were wrong.

After a few years of working their business on their own, they hired their Aunt adding a third woman to the business in a supposedly male-dominated industry. A few years later, they welcomed Ms. Martin’s brothers Perry and Larry into the business as well. Today, they have other family members who play active roles in the business.

While the company does have family members working in the business, Ms. Martin says a key part of their business success has been treating the rest of their employees like family members as well. She’s found that by setting this example, their employees go above and beyond to take care of customers every chance they get.

“Our customer service has been the most important thing in helping us be successful over the last 30 years,” Ms. Martin says. “We stand behind our products 100% of the time and always try to help customers get what they want. Our staff has been instrumental in helping do that on a daily basis.”

About Doors of Elegance 

Doors of Elegance offers an extensive collection of premium wood doors as well as related services such as custom design, weatherization and refinishing. Among their top sellers are beveled glass doors, custom wrought iron doors and fleur de lis doors. The company has an extensive catalog of doors online via their website. They also offer design consultations to help clients find the perfect door to match their needs even if that means ordering a custom door.