Is Your Door Prepared for Winter?

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Winter is a time when it’s a good idea to make sure that your home is in tip top shape. You need to check your roof to prevent leaks, check your heating system to ensure it’s working, and  checking your doors is certainly no exception.

Why? Well, if they are in poor condition and not cared for properly, they are the most obvious point for energy and heat to seep out. They will also be prone to leaking, will start to stick as they swell, and in extreme cases, can crack severely. This is due to the wood expanding and contracting as it does from massive variations in temperature.

But don’t worry, we’ll show you exactly how to ensure that your doors are properly prepared for a cold winter.

nov16 a - Is Your Door Prepared for Winter?


Perhaps the best place to start is to ensure your doors are correctly sealed. A properly sealed door will keep the heat in and the cold out. Both are extremely important and will go a long way to helping save on heating bills.

Just think about it. Your central heating system will have to work so much harder if the heat is escaping through a poorly sealed door while cold air rushes into your home. This doesn’t only apply to winter either. Think of all the nice cool air that escapes your house during summer through an unsealed door. To seal your door effectively, use sealing strips or acrylic sealing paste.

So let’s recap. If your doors are not sealed properly they will:

  • Be unable to stop weather (cold or hot air, strong winds or even rain) from entering your house, both during summer and winter.
  • This means it is impossible to keep a consistent climate within your home. Temperatures will fluctuate and your home will not be cooled properly in summer or kept warm in winter.
  • You will pay more year around

Check Finishes Around Doors

Next up, check all the finishes around each and every door in your home. There are a few things to look out for when doing so. These include:

  • Paint or stain that might be peeling or flaking
  • Wood that shows signs of damage, deterioration, or cracking
  • Water damage
  • Surfaces that are discolored in any way

Any of these are a clear indication that rain and other moisture are getting into areas of your home where they shouldn’t be. This not only will further destroy the wood but could lead to mold, rotting, or even pools of water inside structures.

Clean Moving Parts

Using a small paintbrush make sure that any moving parts on the door are cleared of any dirt, dust, or debris. Why? Well, this is one of the easiest ways you can create a more effective seal.

Tighten Your Doors

Over time, doors can slowly start to come loose from their hinges. Although you may not even notice this, make sure that you tighten all the screws holding your door to the door frame at least once a year, and certainly before winter.

Finish the Door

It is essential to protect your doors from moisture damage. To do this, you need to apply a finish to the door surface itself. Normally, this takes the form of a special wax which then sinks into the door itself, forming a protective barrier. Always make sure the door is wiped clean before applying any finishing product.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Doors

Of course, the best solution is to simply upgrade to energy efficient doors. Not only are these great for keeping the cold out, they will also ensure the heat from your central heating is kept inside your home far more efficiently due to proper insulation. This helps them to pay you back for their initial cost as you save on heating bills.

Let our experts at Doors of Elegance help to ensure your home is, indeed, ready for winter. We not only offer services to help keep your doors in tip-top condition, we also have a range of beautiful energy efficient doors should you wish to make new installations. Contact us today to get started!