How to make your front door energy efficient

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The front door to your home is a main focal point. It is one that was carefully picked out to match your décor and stand out to those that are passing by. The problem is, this can be a key place that energy is lost including both heat and cool air. There are a few steps that can be completed to improve the efficiency of your front door. Lower your heating bills and stay more comfortable with the repairs and replacements necessary.

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#1 Weather-stripping

Weather-stripping is a material that is found around doors on all four sides. It can be made out of several different materials including felt or adhesive foam in rubber or plastic. Over time, the stripping around a door will wear down and leaks will start to occur. This is where a lot of energy can escape.

Can you feel any warm air blowing in the house? If you can, you need to do the weather-stripping replacement. Choose which type of material you want to use but be aware they each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The foam is very easy to install and can be used in any size door. The problem is that it will only last up to three years. Felt is useful, but be mindful that it will start to compress becoming less and less effective. Another heavy-duty option is metal stripping. It is extremely effective but it can be difficult to install and may require help from a professional.

#2 Make Repairs

As your home ages, it can settle. With the settling comes the possibility for your door to be moved out of alignment. You are going to have to realign your door in one of several ways to stop it from letting energy escape.

To get the door back where it belongs, clean all the dirt, dust, and grime away from all the hinges and edges of the door. Tighten any screws that have loosened up as well. That may be enough to pull the door back into place. If the door is still sticking or not fitting properly, check to see if there is a spot where sanding down could be useful.

Caulk is another easy repair that can help in sealing the door off. Check around the outside of the door for missing or decayed caulk spots. Remove any of the old material and use a new tube to seal up and waterproof the exterior of the front door.

Doors of Elegance offers a weatherization package. We will come out to replace the weather striping, caulk any necessary areas on the door as well as the frame. We will realign the door as needed to set it back in the jamb properly. Most of our customers call for a refinishing service and add a weatherization package at the same time. Contact us to learn more.

#3 Replacement

When weather-stripping and repairs are not fixing the problem, it is probably going to be time to replace that old front door. There are many options to choose from when choosing a front door for your home. A Mahogany, Insulated Beveled Glass Door will give you an impressive look and help set your home apart from your neighbors. We also sell wrought iron, fiberglass, true divided lite and sliding glass doors that meet all of the energy efficient standards. Come into our showroom located at 3100 Kingman Street in Metairie to see the many options you have to choose from. Our highly trained team is standing by to assist you with all your needs.