Give Dad a Break This Father’s Day With the Ultimate Gift!

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Dad works hard daily to make sure everyone else’s needs are met. But what about those passion projects he never has time to get to?

This Father’s Day give him a break and treat him to our Refinishing services!

061020 - Give Dad a Break This Father’s Day With the Ultimate Gift!

What You Can Expect From Our Door Refinishing Services 

Our door refinishing services including staining and varnishing or painting that will help get those faded doors looking as good as new.

Steps For Our Door Refinishing Service:

  1. We assess your door to determine the condition of the door. If any putty or caulk is needed we apply to the needed areas.
  2. We remove the lockset from the door.
  3. We sand the entire exterior of the door.
  4. We then add a concentrated stain to marine varnish. This will restore the original color to the door.
  5. Lastly, we apply one coat of marine varnish to the exterior part of your door.

***Someone needs to be home 3-4 hours after the job is completed while the door dries.

Learn More About Stain, Varnish, and Paint! 

Stain and Varnish

It is important to stain wood doors before varnishing to create a more even look where the cross grains meet which makes for an appealing result. Staining also helps keep wood doors looking the best they can by making the wood darker and richer. 

A varnish is a wood finish that is applied to protect the wood and perhaps stain underneath. It is made out of materials including drying oil, resin and solvent. Varnish provides a glossy finish. Marine Varnish provides a top layer finish to whatever color resides underneath. For a less glossy look, we recommend a Marine Satin Finish for best protection.

After applying a layer of varnish, it needs to be given time to dry and harden, after which point it will be fully protecting the wood and finish underneath and providing all of its benefits. 

072219b - Give Dad a Break This Father’s Day With the Ultimate Gift!


The difference between paint and the other options should be relatively obvious, as it will change the color of your door to whatever you select and it is longer lasting than stain. Paint is a popular option for those who wish to match the color of their home or business and would rather keep a consistent look. It cannot be easily removed. 

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Let us do the hard work while Dad puts his feet up for one day!

Especially if your doors are suffering from exposure to weather or just normal wear and tear, and before you hire a handyman with limited experience in door refinishing, talk to the experts and compare prices – you’ll be glad you did.

Contact us today to get a free quote and schedule your Refinishing Service just in time for Dad’s big day.