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At Doors of Elegance we offer a large range of sliding glass doors that not only offer overall security but ultimately enhance the beauty of your home. They are made from the highest grade materials, providing the functionality you would expect of a sliding door.

If you live in metro New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville or the Northshore area, stop by our showroom today to see our selection of sliding glass doors and speak to a member of our team to find out which one is for you.

About Sliding Glass Doors

Although a regular feature in modern homes, sliding doors were only introduced into American households after the Second World War. Sliding doors are an excellent way to allow light into a room or even to showcase the beautiful views outside a particular section of your home, for example a view of the beach or a mountain.

Design Options

Sliding doors are available with many design options.

  • Traditional sliding doors

Found in most homes with sliding doors, this version has two panels, one of these remains fixed while the other operates on a track to slide past it when opened. Both frames include two huge glass panes.

  • French sliding doors

This design is styled in a similar fashion to a traditional French door but with the practicality of a sliding version. There is a slight change in design as there are four panels instead of two. The two inner panels can be moved while the two outer panels remain fixed. It is when the door is closed that it looks similar to a hinged French door.


Where Sliding Glass Doors are Used

Sliding doors have multiple uses. They can either allow access to an outside section of a house, or even indoors; think along the lines of an entrance to an indoor entertainment area, an indoor bar or even a den or man cave. Sliding doors are popular as an access point onto a balcony, either in a multi-story home or at apartments or patio.

Sliding doors are also often used in offices as entrance points to separate offices or meeting rooms.

Considerations When Choosing a Sliding Glass Door

When choosing the correct sliding door for your needs, there are a number of considerations to take into account before picking a style or design.

  • Glazing

Another consideration will be the level of glazing required. This will depend on the severity of the climate where you live. Most sliding doors are double glazed to help with noise reduction as well as the reflection of UV rays. There are other glazing options available for colder climates.

  • Security

Finally, depending on the location of your door, further security features might need to be taken into consideration. A number of products can add an extra level of security.

  • Safety bars: Extend across the door to the edge of the frame. These are placed on the inside, so even if the lock is broken, the door cannot slide and be opened by someone on the outside.

As we have seen, sliding doors come in an array of variations to suit very specific needs. These doors are not only practical, but they are attractive and can add real value to your house.

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