Does Home Insurance Cover Front Door Damage?

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0513 - Does Home Insurance Cover Front Door Damage?

There are so many perks that come with owning a home. You have the control to make upgrades or changes to almost anything you want, there are tax deductions, and of course the pride that comes along with being a Homeowner can’t be beat. However, the one thing that all homeowners can agree that is the least appealing aspect of homeownership is being 100% responsible for repairing damages. That is, if you don’t have home insurance.

Home insurance is always a good idea, especially with the kind of weather we get here in Southern Louisiana, as accidental damage happens more often than we’d like to think about. But did you know that most Home Insurance policies will offer protection on accidental damage done to your front door?

Unavoidable & Unexpected Damaged 

Normal wear and tear or damage from neglect and lack of maintenance aren’t usually covered in your typical home insurance plan. The two kinds of damage that most home insurance policies offer protection from are unavoidable and unexpected.

  • Accidental
    • a child throws a baseball shattering the glass of your front door
  • Unexpected
    • a storm sends a tree branch through your front door causing damage
    • vandalism or theft induced damage

Some doors may incur damage from air leaks or poor sealing that isn’t traditionally covered however, it’s possible that your door may have an existing warranty that can be utilized after speaking with the manufacturer.

There are several other scenarios that could fit these guidelines but if you’re dealing with a front door that you believe was damaged due to unavoidable or unexpected circumstances, contact your home insurance company to inquire about the level of coverage you can expect

What Happens Next? 

After speaking with your home insurance agent, they will be able to help you get an estimate for the repair work or replacement. Usually, the claim you submit will pay for the repairs or removal of your current door as well as the installation (and fees) of your new door. If you’re hoping to use this twist of fate as an opportunity to upgrade your door, pay close attention to your policy. It may have a limitation on what it will pay out.

Being able to prove that the damage incurred was unavoidable or unexpected is vital! This will determine whether your claim is covered by your home insurance policy or not.

Who You Gonna Call? 

In almost all cases, they will require you to work with a licensed technician. That’s where we come in!

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