This hurricane season has been particularly rough on us here in Southern Louisiana so it’s no surprise that our property, homes, and front doors need some extra love. While it’s easy to assume that weather-proofing your door will simply help keep that rain out, it’s not entirely correct. It’s true that your door acts

weatherize old door

Our local NOLA weather is FINALLY getting cooler, and that means it’s time to start thinking about weatherizing your doors! Stop drafts, keep out rain, and save on energy bills with Doors of Elegance’s weatherization service. Normal wear and tear can create gaps and cracks that allow air – and even worse, water – to

Weather Stripping 101

When winter rolls around, many people start thinking about how they can keep heat from escaping through the windows of their house. Unfortunately, drafts can enter a house in many different areas, such as the entryway of a door. To remove drafts and leaks from all these points, weather-stripping is the best answer. Get a

When people are concerned with keeping heat from escaping from their house and cold air getting in, many times only the windows are examined. However, entryways can be a source of considerable heat loss and it can result in a drafty, uncomfortable home. If you want to eliminate leaks and drafts from around your doorways,

Those little pieces of weather stripping in between your doors and frames play a critical role in keeping your home energy efficient. Your doors are part of a larger system of materials that work together to protect and seal the entrances of your home. In southern Louisiana this usually means keeping the cool air in