Is Your Front Door Telling You It Needs An Upgrade?

We love the warmer days of summer. Don’t you? You might be finding yourself slowing down a bit, spending more time outside, and enjoying more quality time with your kids and loved ones. You might also be thinking more about home projects – like a door upgrade! A front door upgrade – especially when it’s

How to Clean Your Front Door

A quality entryway door can do a lot for a home. The front door is one of the key elements to a home that has good curb appeal, and it is one of the basic elements for home security. Having a nice door is one step in achieving an attractive entryway, but you also need

When was the last time that you really thought about the doors on your home? The entryway to a home is an important part of its aesthetic appeal, and it is one of the first parts of the structure to make an impression when you have guests. As a further point, whether the door is

Winterizing doors is really sort of a misnomer. What you’re actually doing is weatherizing your door. Weatherizing your door saves on your energy costs, makes your house a lot more comfortable and, in the most general sense, helps keep the outside conditions at bay. Whether its rain, snow, or anything else, a properly weatherized door

The finish on your door makes it look its best, but it also provides a degree of protection against the elements. A homeowner, however, will need to strike a balance between aesthetics and protection. Some of the most protective finishes change the look of a door considerably. Why Bother with Maintenance? Wood doors are very