This coming October, Doors of Elegance will Shut the Front Door on Breast Cancer!  Breast Cancer Awareness month is very important to the Doors of Elegance family. Our founder and beloved mother passed away 6 years ago battling breast cancer.  We want to honor her and all those warrior women out there fighting the difficult

Doors of Elegance is happy to invite you in “The Open Door”, our new and improved monthly newsletter! Subscribers will get the inside scoop and be the first to hear about news, exclusive discounts, and upcoming events! Have you signed up to receive our newsletter FIRST? What are you waiting for? It’s easy! Just head

Are your doors suffering from exposure to weather or just normal wear and tear? Before you hire a handyman with limited experience in door refinishing, talk to the experts and compare prices – you’ll be glad you did! Doors of Elegance not only sells new doors, but we also offer door refinishing services including painting,

Isn’t it funny how things that used to be considered old or dingy are now #trending? Barn doors INSIDE the home are a perfect example! Home makeover shows that wouldn’t give a second thought to these rustic revelations 10 years ago, are now reclaiming and pairing them with modern “slider” technology. It seems like designers

When it comes to design, the goal of finding that perfect balance between fashion and function is ever present. It’s hard to believe you can find a front door that is high quality while showcasing a cohesive, modern design that adds to your property value and reflects your personal style. Especially nowadays when it feels

There are so many perks that come with owning a home. You have the control to make upgrades or changes to almost anything you want, there are tax deductions, and of course the pride that comes along with being a Homeowner can’t be beat. However, the one thing that all homeowners can agree that is

Even the most contemporary home designs are rooted in pre-existing, classic architectural expressions. Especially in areas like New Orleans and The Northshore where timeless design reigns supreme in the form of Louisiana Shotgun, Modern Farm, and Modern Antebellum, North Carolina Low Country, and Urban Loft style living spaces. So how do you update your home

Spring is here and along with it comes the seasonal cleaning (especially since Marie Kondo arrived on the Netflix scene). While you’re checking off your to-do list and deciding whether your clothes and home décor spark joy, stop and give your exterior doors a second thought. Do they spark joy? It’s easy to feel like

Do you ever have that perfect picture in your head? You know EXACTLY what you want, but it’s nowhere to be found… Or you found the perfect door on Pinterest, but it doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere. One client had an old, tired front entry, and they knew they needed to make a

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