Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

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Fiberglass doors may have only been around since the ‘90s, but in that time they’ve proved themselves again and again. If you’re thinking about replacing your entry door, it’s worth giving some serious thought to abandoning wood in favor of fiberglass, which brings with it all the pros of wood with none of the cons. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons fiberglass is a superior choice when it comes to deciding what kind of new door you want.

Looks Like Wood

If you were about to exit this article because you just love the classic look of a wood door, hold on for one more second. Fiberglass doors can actually be made to look exactly like wood, so much so that even experts can’t distinguish one from the other. So you won’t have to sacrifice your aesthetic preferences to get the benefits of fiberglass.

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Weather Proof

Wood peels, warps, rots, and gets scratched. Metal rusts. Fiberglass does none of these things. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance door that will last years and years without damage (and who isn’t?), fiberglass will serve you well. Just make sure to get one that’s fully fiberglass: in the early days of fiberglass doors, designers would put wood in the middle, and sometimes water would get in between and warp the wood. Modern makers have addressed that problem.

Lower Energy Costs

Fiberglass has amazing insulating properties, meaning it’s much harder for cool air to escape in the summer and hot air in the winter. That equates to less money spent on your monthly heating or air conditioning bills!

Virtually Unbreakable

Burglars won’t stand a chance trying to smash in a fiberglass door. They’re generally made with double or triple panes of glass, and the same toughness that helps it resist scratching and weather damage makes it practically smash proof. Especially if you live in a high-crime area, it’s always nice to know that nobody’s getting through your door unless you want them to.

Pays For Itself

Fiberglass doors can be slightly more expensive, but the initial cost more than pays for itself in just a few years. Since you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a while or repairing any damage done to it by the elements, this is a one-time purchase, not a constant money drain.

Aesthetic Versatility

Fiberglass is easy to paint or stain, meaning you can fully customize it to perfectly match your house’s style and your own personal taste. If a wood stain isn’t your style, just name the color!

If you’re looking for the door of the future, fiberglass is definitely the way to go. Durability you can’t beat, total customization ability, and environmental friendliness that’s also good to your wallet: it’s pretty clear that wood is out and fiberglass is in.