A Closer Look at Custom Door & Window Accessories

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There are many accessories that you can use to dress up your doors and windows. From a strictly functional extra glass door that brings in additional light and creates a sense of space to one that adds utility value by giving extra ventilation, transoms are one of the most widely used window or door accessories. Though in modern times they are mostly ornamental, apart from giving a sense of space and light, traditionally they were used as support to the mullions, if there were no iron stay bars. Before air conditioning became common, transoms were used for cross ventilation in the US, since they were considered safe, placed at the ceiling level and smaller in size.

Other popular accessories include thresholds, locks, door handles, door knockers, mailboxes and floor mats. Click here to view our personalized mailboxes and custom door mats. Ranging from the simplest mailboxes and handles with clean lines, to elaborate and ornate ones, you can choose one to suit your individual tastes and décor. The floor mats too can be personalized to add exclusivity to your entryway and add panache to your home. This sort of attention to detail will add value to your home and your visitors will compliment you on your attractive entryway.

Transoms are small glass windows, mostly in a semi-circle or rectangle shapes, placed above another door or window. They are used to break up a large bay window, provide a sense of light and space and also to bring in some much needed light above a solid wood door. Their placement at the ceiling level gives them an advantage over sidelights, as they’re considered safer. In architecture, their purpose is to provide some crossbeams for added strength to the mullions, or to transition the view from a large door to the eaves above, acting as a conduit. Typically they’re used to separate the framing structure of a door from the framing structure of a window.

In most cases transoms are only used for ornamental purposes, though in certain hard to ventilate areas like bathrooms or utility rooms and pantries, transoms can be used to ventilate. In entry ways in large domed doors, the transoms can look enchanting while also flooding the foyer with light and giving a sense of space. Traditionally transoms were in a semi-circular shape or fan-shaped, though in recent years, they too have become avant-garde with abstract patterns and shapes.

With the technological advancements in the field of glass-making, there are many options for the transom design for you to choose from. Even though transoms can be a traditional part of door design, the modern abstract styles, textures and designs make it a viable option even for trendy homes. They are safe, bring in much needed light and also look spectacular; if you’re home has a view, then they add to the view.

Check out the available accessories online and select the best possible ones for your décor and budget. These accessories like mailboxes, locks and door handles are functional with a little aesthetic appeal added to them. Their beauty and purpose is why they’re so popular with every homeowner.

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