3 Ways to Warm up Your Entryway for Autumn on a Budget

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Autumn Entryway - 3 Ways to Warm up Your Entryway for Autumn on a Budget

With everything you have going on around the holidays it may seem like you don’t have the time or budget to warm up your entryway with decorations for the various upcoming holidays.

We understand the feeling but we’re here to give you hope and let you know that, it’s simply not true. There are so many ways to bring the seasonal or holiday spirit into your home starting with a few simple, affordable (or even free) things you can add to your entryway.

#1. Embrace Nature & Your Surroundings

The most affordable and easy way to bring some seasonal spirit into your home is to truly embrace nature and your immediate surroundings.

Are you filled with dread when you think about raking the fallen leaves or picking up those loose branches in your yard this weekend? WAIT! Those can be utilized to create a naturally beautiful wreath for your front door. No need to give Hobby Lobby an extra $60-100 this season.

Do you or do you have a neighbor that grows seasonal vegetables? Ask them for their left over or “damaged goods” from their haul last month! You can easily dip these gorgeous gourds in a 1:1 ratio of bleach and water to keep the insides from rotting then, arrange them so that the damage is hidden in a stunning front porch display! Waste not, want not.

#2. Use What You Have

Would you believe that some of our most creative decor ideas have come from the absence of a large spending budget?

There’s just something about having “nothing” to work with that really gets those creative juices flowing!

Here are just a few ideas of how to find the duality of use in your everyday indoor items:

  • Use candle holder to double as a front door accent
  • Use a stool from inside that can double as a Jack-O-Lantern display
  • Use a plaid blanket or shawl that it’s way too warm for to drape over any outdoor seating you may have
  • Use a decorative basket from inside to hold unique looking sticks you may find in the yard or firewood

Take a moment and evaluate what you have indoors that can double as outdoor decor then, use your creativity!

#3. Build Something You’ve Been Wanting to Buy

Have you seen something in Hobby Lobby or Walmart that you LOVED but found yourself thinking, “I could make that myself.”?

Now is your time to shine! There’s a reason why Etsy and support of local crafters or artisans has taken off. Hand-made items are long-lasting, quality items. Take the time to plan what you’d like to create, ask for help if you need it, and get to work!

You can use reclaimed wood, paper, cardboard, or even plastic. The possibilities are endless!

This one is not for the faint of heart. If you aren’t equipped with the skills or tools to build something you’ve been wanting to buy, don’t attempt it. An alternative to powertools (depending on the materials you’re building with) can be super glue, a staple gun, or a hot glue gun but please proceed with caution.

A Little Paint Goes a Long Way

You’d be surprised at the transformation a little fresh paint or varnish on your front door can give the overall feel of your entire entryway! Our refinishing services include painting, varnishing and staining that will help get those faded doors looking as good as new.

Paint is a popular option for those who wish to match the color of their home or business and would rather keep a consistent look.

Stain & Varnish

It is important to stain wood doors before varnishing to create a more even look where the cross grains meet which makes for an appealing result. Staining also helps keep wood doors looking the best they can by making the wood darker and richer.

A varnish is a wood finish that is applied to protect the wood and perhaps stain underneath. It is made out of materials including drying oil, resin and solvent. Varnish provides a glossy finish.

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