3 Reasons Your Contemporary Home Needs DSA Modern Doors

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0520 - 3 Reasons Your Contemporary Home Needs DSA Modern Doors

When it comes to design, the goal of finding that perfect balance between fashion and function is ever present. It’s hard to believe you can find a front door that is high quality while showcasing a cohesive, modern design that adds to your property value and reflects your personal style. Especially nowadays when it feels like, “they just don’t make em’ like they used to.”

But it’s not impossible!

You have a well built, sturdy, modern home. Here are 3 reasons your modern home needs a quality modern door to match!

1. Add Curb Appeal & Value to your Home 

Southern Louisiana homeowners know that value in their homes comes from three things; location, location, CURB APPEAL!

You can’t beat a cohesive, contemporary look and you really can’t get past a mismatched design. There’s room for all your desired fusion design elements or ideas inside the home. Those can be changed relatively easily when it comes time to resell.

As far as first impressions go, your front door and entryway are the stars. That means the “first look” a potential buyer gets can either make or break your chances at a return on your investment.

2. Affordable Solutions 

It’s no secret that you get what you pay for.

Classic or traditional style doors, especially in New Orleans, are beautiful and appropriate for classic, traditional style homes because they’re designed specifically for them.  But, did you know that it’s more expensive to install an antique or vintage model door on a modern home?

The installation technician must work with an engineer to find a way to close gaps and open spaces for the front door to function properly while protecting your home from the elements. This cost can add up and as mentioned in point #1, the curb appeal aspect can be lost completely.

3. Bold Design, Lasting Quality 

You don’t have to sacrifice that warm welcoming feeling you get from more traditional front doors in order to have a clean, consistently modern style for your entryway.

With DSA’s Modern Collection homeowners can have the best of both worlds! The sharp, narrow lines combined with continuous, burnished glass openings and decisive alignments create a visual effect like none other. All of these design elements exist are able to shine due to the glowing craftsmanship with which these doors are made.

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